The Dollar At Its Peak Relates To George Soros Prediction


Diels interview at EPN came at a time when there are a lot of uncertainties around investments in the world economy. The uncertainties in the market come with the fear of crises erupting in those markets and famous investors like George Soros have been warning many investors to avoid sinking all their investments in the market today. The US Money Reserve seems to be experiencing this effect with their gold market. The US Money Reserve is known as a Wolds trusted dealers in precious metals like silver, gold and platinum.

To Diehl, the dollar has certainly reached its peak and by being in the peak for like 24 months, it is most likely going to go down and this affects the gold markets very easily .when the dollar is down in value gold coins get cheaper in other regions of the world. Whereas the US Money Reserve has more clients outside the United States than it has in the United States. China and India have a huge market for gold. Hence, the increased lending in China will affect the US Money Reserve a lot. The podcast at <> reveals that the economy of the United States has reached uncertainties.

Diehl the 35th president of the US Money Reserve and one a staff of the chief of the US Treasury sees volatility in the market especially around Brazil, China, India and Russia that is creating international uncertainties in the market. In relation to uncertainties are the political uncertainties present such that the sustainability of the market is not guaranteed. These have had a lot of added pressures to the old prices more to the liquidity of the downturn. However apart from those blocks in the market, the gold has had a significant rise in demand, this could be from the strong legal tender sanctions set at us money reserve to protect customers from poor quality metals and regrets.

Us Money Reserve, however, has its advantage in that when they sell gold to customers, it is not operated for a short term. Gold is a long-term investment whose value goes higher with time. Eve when at this point the dollar is volatile there is still hope as one can keep the gold for some time until the market stabilizes. The central bank, however, is increasing gold purchases making it their competitor. But they are incomparable to the kind of commitment the staff at us money exchange who are extraordinary. They are known to establish rapport easily with their clients and the products at US Money Reserve are liable. Investors are recommended by Diehl to visit us money reserve .com and get more advice on how to get precious metals.

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DeVos Family of Michigan Make a Difference

I believe the Devos family has reached the heights of the Koch brothers in terms of wealth and influence in American society. Their influence extends into the political scene, particularly the Republican Party and well known conservative movements. He is the son and heir to business mogul Richard DeVos. Over the last 30 years, he has been hard at work.

In West Michigan, the DeVos name features top of the list alongside other distinguished families who are well known for their generous philanthropic works. I honestly think they deserve it, with tens of millions of dollars from the family estate being dished out to charities worldwide. A significant proportion of the money dished out goes to think tanks. Their donations are in education and health sector.

Dick DeVos has an incredible record to show for himself. His business acumen has been witnessed in executive positions in several companies. During his career at Amway International, the company reported a tremendous increase in revenue. Later on, he became President and CEO of Orlando Magic. He founded and served at The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation which has a sturdy reach nationally and internationally. On arriving at Alticor, which is now the parent company of Amway, he carried out massive restructuring strategies. The tough decisions made eventually bore fruit as he left the group at maximum profitability and settled for the Windquest Group of which he is the president.

Dick DeVos has participated in several community initiatives. The Education Freedom Fund that offers scholarships for the underprivileged in Michigan which has educated over 40,000 children in Michigan. He even served on the Michigan Board of Education. Despite his contention for the governorship of Michigan County being unsuccessful, his accomplishments are worth noting. Most of those who have worked with him point out his intelligence, community-conscious attitude and dedication. Honestly speaking, for a guy worth over $5 billion I first heard of Dick DeVos when he bagged the nationwide sailing championship. He is also well known for his skills as a helicopter and airplane pilot, which lead him to found the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

His lovely wife Betsy Prince plays a leading role in several family initiatives. She presided over the Republican Part in Michigan as their chairperson.

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Town Residential Analysis Of New York Real Estate

Town Residential is New Yorks leading real estate firm. The Virtual Strategy Magazine covered the story on Town Residential’s fourth quarter market report. The statistics for the report comes from rolling sales and from ACRIS live feed, which is provided by the New York Department of Finance. The report is an analysis of the residential sales from October to December 2015.

The report indicated how Manhattan average sale prices increased by five point two percent and the median sales price growth was sixteen percent higher than the year of 2014. At the end of 2015, the cost per square foot continued to reach record levels.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, Manhattan condos sale prices rose by almost twenty percent. This showed a significant yearly increase over the previous year. The average per square foot trend displayed an eleven percent rise from 2014 and a seven point six percent increase from the third quarter of 2015.

The mean price of a NYC apartment for sale cooperative building rose four point six percent from the third quarter of 2015 to the fourth quarter. The yearly difference came in at a six point four percent growth.

The report stated that the properties by size category had an escalation in all subdivisions during the fourth quarter. However the mean cost of a three bedroom or more cooperative rose by fifteen percent over the last quarter of 2015, which exceeded the three million dollar mark.

Andrew Heiberger, the CEO of Town Residential, explained that the real estate industry is witnessing the steadying of the resale market as sellers are altering their price expectations. The power has continued to favor the buyer as they are conservative about spending their money and do not want to spend more than the house value on a home. This responsible approach contributed to the increased number of properties average days on the market and the real estate market continues to stabilize.

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Kevin Seawright: Changing Communities

Kevin Seawright is the CFO and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC). Newark CEDC is the primary economic development catalyst for the city of Newark. It works with the city’s Department of Economic & Housing Development to spur real estate development throughout the 20 neighborhoods and execute economic development activities.

At a young age, Kevin told WorldClassMagazines that his parents taught him financial stewardship. By age 12 he was working with youth programs in Philadelphia. This gave him the motivation and dedication to keep going and making a difference for the public. He went through formal college education and also online education. He is open to whatever form that helps one be productive. In 2006 he completed his Masters in Accounting from Almeda University. He later did a 3 part course in the University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business on executive leadership.

Beginning his career in Baltimore, Maryland which LinkedIn shows, as a government financial expert he has moved on to private industry. He landed at his current position a year ago. Kevin’s life is now devoted to transforming the lives of the city dwellers. He is helping in the growth of urban cities where the efforts of the company are showing. With the guidance of Mayor Ras Baraka, they have developed a model to encourage economic growth. The model uses capital for small businesses, WI-FI access, ports, highways, railway lines and a summer employment program.

In his illustrious career, Seawright has been responsible in building accounting and finance divisions that have consistently delivered results. He has accomplished revenue enhancements that have led to annual return increases of 25%. He has been responsible for over $400 million in city, state, federal, capital, private and bond funds. Kevin has also had 600M in capital construction educational facilities projects during his career. Positions he has held include Budget Manager, Managing Fiscal Officer, Payroll Director, Finance Director, Chief of Financial & Construction Projects, Deputy Chief Operating Officer Facilities, and Executive Director of Operations.

Success to Kevin is geared toward family. His relationships with both his immediate and extended family are most important to him. Making a mark in the community by helping small business owners get access to credit is key. Newark CEDC spurs economic growth by making these much needed funds available to small and mid-sized businesses which don’t have access capital. His life experiences, data driven analysis and straight forward management have contributed to his success. His motivation is to improve lives and economy for the people of Newark.

Kevin has been an advisory board member for the Babe Ruth Museum and a coach for local youth sports teams. He has also been a member of the American Society for Public Administration, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, and the National Association of Black Accountants.  Kevin has a full bio on the Newark CEDC website.

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The New Generation Of Assisted Living Facilities Across The Country And California

There is a great company people in the California San Luis Obispo area should be aware of. On a national level these types of places can be found all over the country. This is great news for those who want to find a place for an aging aunt who might one day need help and currently has no family in her life. It is about setting up services well before they are ever needed, meanwhile the client lives by themselves in an independent house and cottage. It is a great way to make sure the loves ones are taken care of. This is especially great for those that do not have family and will one day need someone to step in and help them out. Relying on strangers is a scary premise but, all will be okay if the client ends up with an independent home on the Manse of Marsh.

It is one of many across the globe but, especially in the United States. Once a situation such as this is set up the client will go about living alone as always but, under the watchful eyes of a caring group of people and workers. It is especially important when it comes to those with relatives. This is how it works, first they go into an assisted living facility like this for a visit. Once the visit is conducted and they decided that they want to live on site, they decide what kind of house. It could be an independent house, cottage, apartment or every a room. Each client is able to move into that type of place when they are ready.

This whole thing would be set up years earlier, with their wishes. When they are struggling and no longer able to keep up with life the way they once were, they would then be able to get a varying amount of help from the facility if they need it. The great thing is that it is about them, so it is all on their timing and done by what they spoke to the place they move into years before. One they begin to struggle all they have to do is let them know and in some case they are monitored and the staff will discuss issues when it is time to need a bit of extra help.

There is nothing better than choosing a place that is award winning, understanding and with a great bunch of staff. This can be found at the Manse on Marsh, with all of the activities they offer, or other great options across the country. Just remember that aging has completely changed and it is no longer like it once was. This means people are really enjoying their retirements.

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The Success Story of The Eucatex Group

Recently, the Brazilian economy has been in the spotlight due to its exponential growth over the years. Successful companies and serial entrepreneurs in Brazil play a vital role in spearheading the economy in the new heights. Taking a close look at Brazil economy, one cannot turn a blind eye to Eucatex Group as well as its president, Mr. Flavio Maluf.  Flavio has made a ton of changes at the company, most of which have been for the greater benefit, as his SlideShare graphs tend to show.

Eucatex Company whose headquarters are in the city of Salto, Sao Paulo was founded by the Maluf family in 1954. The company commenced its business by producing acoustic ceilings and wooden fiber plates made from Eucalyptus.

Since its inception, Eucatex grew gradually not only expanding its products but also its market. The company had offices all over Brazil and Argentina by 1965. Nevertheless, the company opened satellite offices in Holland, Germany, the United Kingdom, United States of America, and Mexico. The exportation of the tiles and panels to the foreign markets marked the beginning of the success story Eucatex as the company ventured in new products that compliment Eucalyptus.

Eucatex began the production of a line of paint with an initial objective of coating their acoustic ceiling tile and panels. The firm slowly adopted the mass production of the line of paint as its demand in the market was growing. A recent study by market analyst Lafis indicates that Eucatex is among the top ten paint producer in Brazil with a 3% market share. The full line of paint includes acrylics, enamels, varnishes, as well as stucco coatings and finishes.

Additionally, the company also provides the domestic furniture and construction market with flooring, doors, and partitions. Furthermore, Eucatex inaugurated land investment as they planned on reforestation so that they would be a self-reliant company in the acquisition of raw materials. As a result, Eucatex majored in four industries namely, Forestry, wood, metallic, and minerals.

Eucatex president, Flavio Maluf, played a vital part in the success of this family company. Mr. Maluf worked for the firm for over 30 years, but he assumed his executive role in 1996. Many argue that Flavio Maluf in his leadership qualities from his father who is a renowned politician but taking a look at his academic credentials one would differ. Maluf studied business, law, and mechanical engineering, therefore, helping him run Eucatex effectively.

Flavio Maluf is well-known for his contribution to the community and environmental development that he often touts on Twitter. He collaborated with Idio Carli Hospital in the improvement of healthcare services. Additionally, under his leadership Eucatex Group spearhead environmental conservation measures.  Check out Flavio’s official website for even more.

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How Does Sam Tabar Advise His Clients To Invest?

Sam Tabar is a professional investment advisor who has worked with corporations and private clients in New York City for quite some time. His investment protocols are much different from other investors, and Sam has an eye on companies that do things a bit differently. This article explains how Sam advises his clients to work with forward-thinking companies, and Sam’s advise will point in the direction of companies that are giving back to humankind.

#1: Sam Prefers Companies That Give Back

Sam is fond of companies that have created business plans with giving on the balance sheet. Giving is often done through a third party, and it is difficult to get corporations to commit to longterm giving. Companies that are giving back as a part of their business plan can show their giving on their ledgers, and Sam wants to work with companies who have created these new business plans. Giving is the wave of the future in the business world that cannot be ignored.

#2: THINX Is An Amazing Investment

Sam likes the idea behind THINX so much he started his own charitable efforts. THINX is a company that creates beautiful women’s underwear that is safe for women who are on their cycles or have trouble with incontinence. The underwear looks good, but it has a higher purpose for women in North America who shop with the company. THINX has put together a giving plan that sends feminine hygiene products to villages in Africa, and the plan allows every buyer to have peace of mind with their purchase.

#3: More Companies Will Adopt These Plans

The investment world is no longer friendly to companies that do good at arm’s length, and Sam wants his clients to understand that good deeds must be done directly. Companies that are planning to give back with the full force of their retail divisions will ultimately have more fans, and Sam sees these companies lifting their stock prices to unprecedented heights.

Sam Tabar is an attorney who understands the ins and outs of the investment business, and he wants his readers to have a clearer understanding of how they may invest properly. A proper investment in the global economy requires giving that has been planned by the business itself. Investors who put their money into companies that are focused on giving back will see their investments flourish, and investors who turn their attention to giving will see greater returns in the coming years. Read his full bio on

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Yeonmi Park And Her Story Of Survival

The story of the North Korean defector Yeonmi Park is not a happy one. After her escape in the middle of the night with her mother in tow, they made their way across the Yalu River and into China. At the age of only thirteen, most of us couldn’t even imagine such a thing. It took years and many trials to make their way through China into South Korea. Having to cross the Gobi Desert is a feat on it’s own, let alone for a teenage girl and her mother with no help to speak of. After many hardships, her father finally caught up with them, only to die from cancer shortly after. Yeonmi was quoted on Youtube as saying “My father died without even knowing this kind of democracy exists in the world.” She went on to state “He didn’t even know this much food was available in the world, and if I could’ve had the things that Americans throw away, I never would have escaped North Korea. That’s how much we were desperate.” These two statements alone are very difficult for any American to comprehend as ‘daily life.’ Pyongyang, North Korea’s Capital (NK News), has made a video explaining at length how Yeonmi and her family are American agents sent to spread lies. They claim that Yeonmi and her mother are the true villains in this story. Park stated “I know the truth of North Korea, the oppression and their tragedy. It cannot be silenced.” If you have read her story or any of the news about it, then you know it’s a difficult read. Living in a country where these types of things are almost unthinkable as normal will do that. One thing is for certain. North Korea remains one of the most secretive places on the planet to outsiders. If you want answers, you had better be willing to wait for them. On that note, who knows if you’ll even find any. Only the people who lived it know the truth. For the full article on, just click the link.

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From Denver to New York, Jon Urbana Gets Recognized for His Achievements

Jon Urbana has really made his name well known due to his involvement with lacrosse. In fact, Urbana even made it into the major leagues of lacrosse. He was a successful player on the major league lacrosse team in Denver, Colorado. Then, after he played on the team, he had the idea that he could use his lacrosse talent to benefit other players. Jon Urbana started a camp called Next Level Lacrosse. However, Jon Urbana has done many other things with his life. For starters, he has been involved with other business pursuits, he has given to charitable organizations, and he is licensed as a pilot.

Lacrosse has been one of his biggest areas of expertise. When Urbana played NCAA Division I lacrosse, he was quite successful. Then after, he was successful in the major leagues of lacrosse, and he has since had success with running his lacrosse camp. This camp has touched the lives of many up and coming lacrosse players.

He also rose to the high ranks of Twitter and other businesses. In fact, Jon Urbana is involved in the upper ranks of a company called Ellipse USA. This company actually is not at all related to lacrosse. Instead, the company actually does skin care procedures and works on skin care products.

He also is generous with the money that he makes. In fact, Urbana has given to charitable organizations that have touched the lives of many people. He is very dedicated to his philanthropic efforts, and he will continue to be.

Jon Urbana also makes videos for these campaigns, and flies his own plane. He is licensed as a pilot, and he often flies on his spare time. He also has shot video footage from the air, so other people can see the views that he has seen onboard his plane. You can check out one of these videos on Here is the link to the video:

Entrepreneurial blogger Jon Urbana has been involved in many different pursuits. He is most known for lacrosse, but he has other talents. Just look at his MTV page for proof, and then listen to his remix of Fight Between Bosses. In fact, he has even been involved in other careers, such as his work with Ellipse USA. He also has benefited others greatly, through his philanthropy.

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Beneful the Most Flavorful of Brands

Beneful dog food is an optimal choice in protecting you pet and giving them nutritious food and treats. The great thing I love about Beneful is they offer a wide variety of dog food and snacks your pet will love. One of my favorites that I purchase on Purina store quite often is the Beneful Incredibites. They are catered toward smaller dogs and have a protein rich formula. They are crunchy minibites made with real beef, carrots and peas. My dog prefers this brand and he eats it every day. All of their food is made with real meats and vitamin rich vegetables. Their brand offers on Twitter a vast array of taste and textures. They have 8 varieties of dry dog food in their Originals brand. The flavors to choose from are salmon, chicken and beef. They contain anti-oxidant rich nutrition that come in crunchy bites. Dry dog food is also know to fight plaque and tartar daily. This food is also accented with spinach, carrots and peas. You can also purchase a puppy formula of the food which helps them grow or a low calorie option if your dog needs to shed a few pounds. If your pet physically can’t eat dry food or simply doesn’t like it, their line of wet food is your best bet. The product line is called Chopped Blends and the flavors are guaranteed to satisfy your pets palate. The flavors are endless with chicken, beef, salmon, liver and sweet potatoes. They also include spinach, carrots and brown rice. Every once in awhile as a treat I will give my pet the Romana Style Medley. It includes pasta, chicken, spinach and carrots. Lastly, their dog treats can’t be beat. There is a variety of Healthy Smile Dental Ridges that help fight plaque and aid in bone health. My favorite is Baked Delights Heartfuls. They are like a shortbread cookie with a soft apple center that also includes real bacon.

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